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Take Your NIH or NSF Grant Proposals to the Next Level

Published on: 3/1/2017

Learn how to produce outstanding grant proposals or help your colleagues do the same by watching three new videos on RFCUNY's Proposal Pre-Submission Peer Review Program. The videos will help guide researchers as they complete applications to become peer reviewers or submit NIH or NSF grant proposals.
  1. RFCUNY Proposal Pre-Submission Peer Review Program
    (General overview of the program)
  2. Becoming a Peer Reviewer
    (How to enroll via the online peer review portal)
  3. Submitting a Proposal for Peer Review
    (Instructions on submitting an NIH or NSF grant proposal for peer review)

The videos can be found on RFCUNY's YouTube, or the Proposal Pre-Submission web page.



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