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Eileen Newman

Executive Director

Center for Bronx Non-Profits Program, Hostos Community College
The Center for Bronx Non-Profits

Several years ago, many Bronx non-profits needed assistance in understanding how to collect and conduct data analyses, write grants, and develop strong leadership. After traveling throughout the borough to understand the needs of Bronx non-profits, Ms. Newman created a center to meet and deliver those needs. The program she now directs, The Center for Bronx Non-Profits, which received a two-year, $150K grant from the JPMorgan Chase Foundation and a yearly, $120K grant from NY Community Trust, offers participation in workshops such as grant writing, data collection and analysis, leadership development, as well as certificate programs in leadership. The program’s primary goal is to develop and train people who can strengthen their own organizations, and in doing so, positively influence the Bronx. She aspires to create a database that lists the approximately 2,500 to 4,000 non-profit organizations that exist in the borough. “I wanted to create something that would bring people together in the community and the program is important in making those connections.”

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