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Elizabeth Chua

Assistant Professor

Psychology, Brooklyn College
Cognitive and Neural Bases of Memory Confidence and Accuracy

While working with a neurologist specializing in Alzheimer’s disease, Professor Chua became interested in metamemory, or people's knowledge about their memory. She noticed there were limited brain studies examining metamemory; none distinguished between different bases of these judgments such as the experience of remembering or other knowledge that people might be applying to make those judgments. With her three-year, $471K NIH award, Cognitive and Neural Bases of Memory Confidence and Accuracy, Chua investigates what occurs both behaviorally and in the brain when we have a feeling of certainty about our memory compared to when our memory is actually correct (contrasting subjective feelings versus the objective accuracy of the memory). “The fact that our subjective feelings and our subjective knowledge seems to drive our behavior and others' behavior, and yet we know less about it than objective accuracy, makes it a really interesting area for study.”

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