• Funds for research and scholarly and creative activities shall be available to all full-time members of the instructional staff, and the untenured members of the faculty in particular, who are on the regular University payroll processed through the Office of the Comptroller of the City or State of New York.

• Individuals may apply to only one of the three types of awards (Traditional A, Traditional B, or Enhanced) in any given year.

• Faculty are not eligible to apply for or receive a Traditional A or B Award for any year in which they have received or will receive external grant funding or awards of $100,000 or more in direct costs for their research. A faculty member who is awarded such external funding after submitting an application for a Traditional A or B Award must withdraw his/her Traditional A or B application.

• Tenured faculty may not receive more than two PSC-CUNY awards during a consecutive three-year period, only one of which may be an Enhanced Award.

• Faculty members on sabbatical or scholar incentive leave may apply for and receive awards. Instructional staff members on other leaves may apply for an award, but must have returned to work and be back on full-time University payroll to access a PSC-CUNY award.

• Members of the University Committee on Research Awards (UCRA), comprised of the Review Panel Chairs, are not eligible for awards. Other Panel members are eligible to apply for awards; however, they must recuse themselves from the consideration of their own applications.

• An individual may not submit more than one application in any one PSC-CUNY Award Competition, as a Principal-Investigator (PI) or Co-PI.