Award Expenditures

If a project includes the use of Human and/or Animal subjects the appropriate approval (IRB and/or IACUC) must be in place before any related project expenditures are incurred. 

The Principal Investigator (PI) must authorize all payments from PSC-CUNY grants. No alternative authorized signatory will be accepted without the permission of the University Committee on Research Awards.

Expenditures in excess of the awards are not allowed. Any committment made by the PI resulting in an overdraft will be the Investigator's personal responsibility and obligation.

The Foundation should be notified of all liabilities incurred on a grant prior to termination. The Foundation will honor all allowable expenditures dated within the grant period; expenditures dated outside the budget period will not be accepted.  No expenses will be accepted beyond ninety (90) days after the termination date of the grant. Such costs will become the responsibility of the Principal Investigator.


PSC-CUNY Research Award Program advances funds to PI's for travel and subject payment only. The PI cannot access any funds in their account(s) if they have an outstanding advance. Advanced funds must be accounted for with travel and/or subject receipts. Advances cannot exceed 80% of the amount awarded and/or exceed the amount budgeted for travel/subjects.

Travel advance forms are available at each campus' grants office and should be submitted to the Research Foundation at least three weeks prior to travel.

To receive an advance for subject payments, please submit a completed payment request form and a petty cash fund request form. The petty cash fund request form is available under Downloadable Forms in the OTPS/AP section.

RF Purchase Card

Research Foundation Purchase cards are not issued for PSC-CUNY grants.

Equipment Purchases

Equipment (any single item over $1,000) must be an approved budget item on your grant. Requests for budget reallocation for equipment cannot be made after purchase. Please be sure that your grant has adequate funds before purchase. Also remember that equipment purchased from PSC-CUNY funds remain the property of CUNY. Therefore, check with your campus grants office prior to ordering equipment for specific college policies.

Approved equipment may be purchased either directly by the PI or ordered by the PI with a small order form. We will not encumber funds for equipment purchases under $5,000. If purchased by the PI, he/she should not pay tax because RFCUNY is tax exempt. Contact us for a tax-exempt form. RFCUNY will not reimburse for sales tax. After the equipment is received, a signed payment request, invoice and proof of purchase must be submitted to RFCUNY for either reimbursement or vendor payment. Payment for equipment must be made from 100% of PSC-CUNY funds or PSC-CUNY funds and another RFCUNY grant(s). The PI cannot use any personal funds for final payment toward equipment.

Budget Changes

PSC-CUNY Award funds must be spent in the categories allocated in your approved budget. If you wish to reallocate funds, please e-mail all requests for budget changes to You must include your grant number, the way in which you would like the funds reallocated, and the justification of the proposed change in relation to your research.

The following changes require approval of the UCRA Panel Chair of the panel that handled your application:

  • A change from Research Staff to supplies, equipment, travel or any other non-personnel catergory.
  • A change to travel not requested on the original budget or change of travel location must be made prior to travel.
  • A change to any budget category not requested on the original budget.
  • If budget category expenditures will exceed $500 more than original allocation.
You must continue to e-mail all other requests for changes so that your budget can be adjusted accordingly. All Research Foundation policies and procedures are also applicable to the PSC-CUNY Research Award Program.