Instruction for Payment from PSC-CUNY Research Awards*

Research Foundation payment forms may be obtained from the Grants Office at your college. Please review forms carefully prior to submission. Include your signature, award number, and attach appropriate documentation, if needed. (Please note, certain links may require PI login.)

Salaries and Wages (for Research Staff, PI Summer Salary, etc.)

1. At the time of employment, several documents are required to place an employee on the Foundation's payroll. For additional information, please refer to Placing Individuals on Payroll.

2. To initiate salary payments upon appointment of staff, please submit the following documents:

a) Biweekly Salary Certifications for Full-time staff (e.g. Summer Salary).

b) Payroll Time Sheets for Part-time (hourly) staff.

Employees receive their pay on alternate Wednesdays. The two-week pay period ends on Sunday, ten days prior to the pay date. See Payroll Calendar for pay periods and due dates.

3. Questions concerning payroll or personnel matters may be directed to the Office of Client Services.

4. Faculty with released time in their budget must complete a CUNY Staff Effort Notice obtainable from the campus Grants Office.

Payment for Other than Personal Services (OTPS) (Supplies, Equipment, Travel, etc.)

1. Requests for payment or reimbursement should be submitted through the RF's e-Procurement System which is available through the RF website after logging in as a PI. After successfully logging in, select 'Payment Request' from the 'E-Services' menu tab. The system will prompt the user for basic information about the purchase and provide an opportunity to upload supporting documentation. For information contact the Program Administrator at (212) 417-8464.

2. The e-Procurement System should also be used to submit claims for travel reimbursement. In addition to completing the general information fields required by the e-Procurement System (e-Payment Request), a completed Travel Expense Voucher must be uploaded upon submission. The form is available through the e-Procurement System. 

3. Purchases over $5,000 require a Purchase Requisition Form. Keep one copy for your records and send the original to the RF Purchasing Office. The RF will send out a Purchase Order (PO) and forward a receiving copy as well as a file copy to you. When the item arrives, use the receiving copy of the PO to certify its receipt. Attach the receiving copy and the original invoice to a completed Payment Request Form and forward the documents to Accounts Payable for payment.

4. Payments under $5,000 to independent contractors require an additional completed Memorandum of Understanding Form (RF-804), a list of clients, and an invoice. Independent Contractors paid $5,000 and above (cumulative or otherwise) must be placed on an Independent Contract Agreement (ICA). An ICA Requisition Form (RF-803) initiates the process. Principal Investigators should not, under any circumstance, pay independent contractors in advance from their own funds. Please contact the Legal Department for additional information at (212) 417-8361.

5. The Research Foundation is exempt from all sales tax, both federal and local. A statement to this effect is preprinted on all purchase orders. If you need a certificate of tax exemption, call (212) 417-8481. Our Tax Exempt Number is 119218.

*N.B. This is a summary; you will need to refer to the Research Foundation Project Director's Guide for complete information.